Chart your 1000 Islands Visit with Riverquest

The Thousand Islands international region has 1,864 islands, two castles, dozens of museums and ‘a million things to experience.’ Navigating your visit to this land of endless shorelines can be daunting.

Until now. Set your course with the help of Riverquest, an international partnership that guides visitors on thematic cruises of the 1000 Islands.

Planning a two-day visit and want to see the ‘top’ attractions? Riverquest can offer suggestions. And more suggestions.

Have three days? Riverquest has you covered.

Starting in 2013, Riverquest is gathering itinerary concepts from the major attractions of the 1000 Islands with the goal of helping visitors better enjoy this region of natural beauty. Check out the video below for a sneak peek of all that there is to see and experience in the Thousand Islands.

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