What to do for 1st-time visitors

We asked our Facebook followers what 1000 Islands experiences they would recommend to first-time visitors. Here’s what they said.

(We added the links to help you out).

“A walk about to the center of the TI Bridge, a trip to the SkyDeck for a great view, a boat tour from Uncle Sam, a diner breakfast at Koffee Kove in Clayton, strolling the small town streets and shops!”

“Any first time visitor needs to take a 1000 Islands Boat Tour, this is the easiest and fastest way to learn some of the amazing history of the Islands. We even recommend first time 1000 Islands boaters to at least follow one of the cruises… to learn about the Islands. Once you have some of the background their are some definitely unique trips to do. Clayton Antique Boat Museum, Gananoque Playhouse, Brockville Ghost Walk and as much time in the St. Lawrence National Park Islands (renamed 1000 Islands in 2013) as you can.”

Here’s a Bucket List for the 1000 Islands. Enjoy.

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